Apartment painting &  renovation in Paris

For the last 14 years, we are offering apartment renovation and remodeling services to uplift, renovate and modernize Parisian properties. We have extensive working experience with architects, specialized workmen, and other apartment renovation firms in the sector. Most of the times, our own team of professional and skilled workers carries out renovation projects from A to Z. However, in certain cases, if the need arises, we can also work with other renovation experts we have already worked in the past. Therefore, as early as the details of the project are finalized, we take care of every aspect of your renovation project.
How are we different ?

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not make our living by subcontracting renovation project. We are a team of professional builders, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, glaziers, plasterers and decorators. We can fully take care of your refurbishment projects from beginning to the end. Therefore, if you are looking for partial or complete renovation, one or few rooms, renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or just a simple face-lift of your living room, we can do it. We take care of all of your apartment painting and renovation needs according to your needs, taste and budget.

Our Services

We are a team of professional and skilled workers. We can take care of all of your apartment renovation and remodeling needs, for example..

Plastering, Walls & ceiling repairs
Painting, wallpapering, decoration
Demolition, construction
Plumbing in bathroom & kitchen
Tiling on floor and walls
Electric works
Floor renovation ; parquets renovation.

Our availability

We are available in all districts of Paris and also Paris region ( Neuilly-sur-Seine, Courbevoie, Colombes, Ablon sur Seine, Alfortville, Boissy st Léger, Bonneuil sur Marne, Charenton le Pont, Choisy le Roi, Créteil, Ivry sur Seine,  Maisons-Alfort, Mandres les Roses, Marolles en Brie, Orly, Périgny sur Yerres, St. Maur des Fossés, Saint Maurice, Santeny, Sucy en Brie, Valenton, Villecresnes, Villeneuve le Roi, Villeneuve st Georges, Vitry sur Seine. La Garenne Colombes, Châtillon, Montrouge, Vanves, Versailles, Maisons Laffitte, Créteil, Pantin, Bagnolet, Boulogne Billancourt, Saint-Cloud, Le Bourget, Aubervilliers, Cergy, Pontoise, Ermont etc… )

For more information, you are welcome to reach us by phone or mail.

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